About Us

“AMPED snow sports working the high life.”

``All Mountain Professional Educational Development`` - The Instructor Internship Scheme from AMPED is a unique opportunity to allow skiers & Snowboarders to get a head start in the snow sports industry.

AMPED instructor courses are recognized worldwide as offering the best in snow sports instructor training, being the dream winter season, the perfect snowy gap year, and the ultimate fast track in to being qualified in the snow sports industry. The more qualifications you have to your name the more employable and sort after you are. We provide not just training towards Two Qualifications like all the other training providers but we provide training to at least four qualifications in just 10 weeks.

AMPED is designed for anyone looking for a career change, having a gap year or even just wanting to advance their ability to a high standard. This course has been specially put together to allow users to get all of the following in one season:

Full performance training in the world's best resorts

Internationally recognized certifications & qualifications

A technical understanding

Internationally recognized Trainers