Power of Powder For Skiing

Power of Powder for Skiing

Power of Powder Skiing at Amped SnowSports

The power of powder for skiing, Ironic really considering that everything we know is silent, succulent, fluffy and floaty. Yet we are drawn to this powder. Prepared to indulge in this powder, and talk a big game about the bottomless depths of this powder we can handle.

Skiing on the softest, driest, quietest snow is drawn for us.The feeling when your skis don’t touch the hand pack. Feeling your skis glide effortlessly while you’re up to your knees. Leaving precision ski marks in the untouched fresh powder. These clean curves in the snow. The often puffs of powder that splashes up your front to reconfirm you are skiing in the depths.

power of powder for skiing amped snowsports

Power Of Powder – Snowboard Qualification

I spend my summers thinking about how I would ski the first snowfall of the season. Sensing the feeling of nothingness. It’s an airy feeling, to say the least, but when you make that one turn and everything goes well you know you are hooked. The rest of your life will either be talking about how good this turn was or when you are next going to have the same feeling.

Tips – Power of Powder for Skiing

The endorphin in our body are released, the sense of achievement – hard work and precision come together to enable us to stay on our skis as the fluffy snow attempts to catch us out. We regain balance turn after turn until we finally figure out how to stand in a suitable position to adapt efficiently to the soft powder. It’s a different form of skiing to as we know. Hard and fast groomers have since disappeared, they are still there but somewhere beneath this succulent and fluffy goodness.

power of powder for skiing

Power of powder for skiing

This sense of achievement mixed with powder has drawn us and will forever draw us to the snowy mountains year after year as we are ready for the next snowfall. We will wait and relive the memories of how great that feeling was. That one turn. We will be ever ready at a moments notice for the fresh powder for skiing. To recreate that one turn.


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