Toby Wignall – Professional Ski Instructor – AMPED Snowsports

"Toby Wignall - Professional Ski Instructor - AMPED Snowsports"


My name is Toby Wignall I am one the owners of AMPED Snowsports.


My career in the instructing industry started long before I was teaching. As a grom I was in the development & competitive teams at Mt Ruapehu. Through ski racing I moved in to the teaching world over 10 years ago. I was a 17 year old rookie and from there I have worked in the industry in Canada, Japan and New Zealand.


Current Examiner and Freestyle Examiner for NZSIA.

I have a huge passion for the snow industry and with this I want to see as many new instructors succeed in this industry. The 15 seasons of back to back winters have been fantastic in the sense of travel and meeting now people.


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